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Do you have any questions?

Is your company's information secure?

Yes, all information in Uktena is encrypted following cybersecurity standards to ensure the protection of your company's information.

How long will it take to implement Uktena?

Users can start using the intelligent assistant from day one, without the need for lengthy implementation processes.

Where can I buy Mixed Reality glasses?

We take care of providing you with all the necessary hardware so you can fully enjoy our solution.

Can I invite people outside my company to participate in a remote assistance video call?

Yes, you can invite external users to join your video calls. These users will not have access to your company's data.

Does Mixed Reality cause motion sickness in people like Virtual Reality?

No, in Mixed Reality, the user doesn't lose contact with the real world, so they don't experience motion sickness.

Do I have to research which glasses best suit my needs?

Not at all, we take care of evaluating the best cost-effective solution for you.

If I decide to leave Uktena, what happens to my data?

You can download all your data before leaving, and then we will permanently delete them.

How much does Uktena cost?

Uktena is affordable for any company, including SMEs. Contact us so we can provide you with a personalized offer.